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Triple Magic Slot

Where To Play Triple Magic Slot

Triple Magic Slot Game You can have three times the fun, well at least three times the payouts if you play the Triple Magic Slot, but only if you manage to get the Star symbol in a winning combination as by doing so your win is instantly worth triple its usual amount.

This slot game is one of Microgamings older 1 payline slots but it is as popular today as it has always been, and this is due, in no small part to the generous paytable that guarantees a very high payout percentage to everyone who plays it.

You can play for one coin per spin but preference is for the two coin per spin option simply due to you winning twice as much! You can check your game history via the Playcheck facility so real money players always know where they stand.

The game will play as fast or as slow as you like and the sound effects are very good and are similar if not identical to those slots found in land based casinos, the main difference is this slot pays back much more!



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