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The Gee Gees Slot Game

Where To Play The Gee Gees Slot

The Gee Gees Slot Game The Gee Gees slot is a play on words and this slot game is set around a Bee Gee type pop band who are all horses! Don't you just love the themes these fruit machines designers come up with, but it is one great slot to play so give it a try for free above.

A lot of the reel symbols are familiar and thanks to this fruit machines generous paytable you will get a very high paying game, as it is powered by Microgaming you will typically get a payout percentage that is in the high 90's range.

One thing that Microgaming know is that by setting their fruit machines to the highest payout percentages then you are going to get a lot more slot action, and unlike places in the UK where slots are usually set to payback 72% you will definitely get more action on a Microgaming powered fruit machine.

As you play the Gee Gees slot machine you will be wanting to get onto the bonus game as this is where you stand the chance of winning some mega cash amounts. The bonus game is a board type round whereby you simply spin a reel to discover a number and this equates to moves around the board game.

As you move around the board you will land on squares that can add too the number of nudges you have or it will move you up the feature ladder or it may add cash to your bank meter, land on a question mark and well, you know the score.



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