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Jurassic Jackpot Slot

Where To Play Jurassic Jackpot

Jurassic Jackpot Slot Game Welcome to the land that time forgot, and welcome to the Jurassic Jackpot slot game from Microgaming. This recent addition to the 1 payline slot range offers players a speedy game play and the ability to bring home a reasonable 1600 coin jackpot.

The game has all the player adjustable controls you would expect from a Microgaming slot, and this includes the ability to adjust the screensize, audio and even slow down or speed up the game speed. Real money players also have the Playcheck facility.

You can spin the slot with one or two coins in play and the base jackpot is 800 coins for 1 coin and as mentioned 1600 for 2 coin players.

With no bonus features this is classified as a "low tech" slot and as such you will soon discover whether you are experiencing a winning or losing session, and being a Microgaming powered slot you know you are getting a very fair game with payout percentages in the high 90's.



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