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Golden Dragon Slot

Where To Play Golden Dragon Slot

xxx Game The mysterious xxx from Microgaming is your chance to play a 3 reel slot with five paylines. This slot is an old one but it is definitely a good one so if you like playing 5 liners then grab your purse, credit the game and sit down and enjoy this no nonsense, fast paying, well designed slot game.

Being a Microgaming powered slot the xxx is certified fair and you will, thanks to its generous paytable be getting a very high payout percentage.

The Golden Dragon symbol is a wild symbol and that means you will be seeing is spinning in quite regularly and it will always help make up winning combinations.

The jackpot for this game is dependant on which payline you get the 3 in a row Golden Dragon symbols. Get the jackpot on line one and you will win 1000 coins, get it one line two and 1500 coins are all yours, hit it on line three then you will win 2000 coins, line four jackpots pay 2500 and hit the three Golden Dragon symbols on lucky line five then 5000 coins are your to keep.



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