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Crazy Crocodile Slot

Where To Play Crazy Crocodile Slot

Crazy Crocodile Slot Game Lots of good old fashioned slot fun can be had on the Crazy Crocodile slot game and it is a simple to play 3 reel slot that has just one payline, but you can choose to play either one, two or three coins everytime you spin the reels and the top prize is 4000 coins

You will only win the jackpot of 4000 coins if you are playing 3 coins per spin by playing less the jackpot amount drops, play one coin per spin and your potential jackpot is just 500 coins and play two coins per spin and this increases to 2500 coins

You can also get a large cash win for getting 3 of the Crocodile symbols anywhere in view which is sweet but if you line them up on the payline then that jackpot is all yours.

Overall this slot plays very well and you can expect to see an array of Bar symbols that all have their own pay values.



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