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Chief's Magic Slot

Where To Play Chief's Magic Slot

Chief's Magic Slot Game The Indian Chief invites you to step upto the slot and take your chance to win "heap big prize!" Are you brave enough to take him on and try to relieve him of his 600 coins jackpot? If so then hit that start button above and go for gold.

The Chief's Magic slot is a low jackpot slot game but that means it hits very regularly indeed, and the more you play it the more you will realize that low jackpot slots have a much looser game play, so give it a few spins and see for yourself.

You can play this slot with one, two or three coins and the paytable automatically adjusts once you select the number of coins per spin you wish to play at. You can also adjust the coin values to suit your budget or how lucky you feel!

You won't win life changing amounts of money by playing the Chief's Magic slot game but you will experience a great, no nonsense slot that is designed to award many more jackpots than you would normally expect a slot to pay.


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