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7 Oceans Slot

7 Oceans Slot Game The 7 Oceans offers you an underwater adventure everytime you play this slot game, it has 3 reels and is not a video slot game so you won't find any of the bonus games you may experience by playing other slots but it is a great simple slot to play.

Now you can play this classic slot with either one, two or three coins per spin and we highly recommend you play all three coins per spin as by doing so you will activate the top paying paytable box that kicks out some massive wins for getting 3 of the 7 symbols.

If you play just one or two coins per spin you will only get paid out on the Bar symbol wins, but three coins means you could win jackpots of 500, 1000 or 4000 coins depending which 7 symbols you line up.

You can play this slot game on whatever stake level are comfortable with so get spinning and hopefully you will start winning.



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